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Jewellery Theme Incredimail, ewellery face Wallpaper, gold jewelry background, plastic jewelry backgroundJewelry gifts can be difficult to decide, but still a good idea birthstones. In this article I birthstone garnet in January will focus on. Garnet History, Garnets and other decorative purposes for centuries, jewelry has been used as far back as 3100 BC garnets used in fine jewelry for the Egyptian pharaohs were buried with them in their graves. Cut garnets have been found on ancient seals and the Roman clergy in the Middle Ages and was popular with the rich. garnets Czechoslovak Victorian England around 1600 AD, a popularity that has gone well in modern times have become popular. Red garnets are still the most popular, but green and orange have seen heightened interest. The name "garnet" granatus Latin comes, meaning "grain. "It comes from the word pomegranate pomegranate seeds look like, because some garnets. Orange Garnets usually red and purplish red (pyrope, almandine), (spessartite, hessonite), yellow (andradite, grossular hessonite) and green (andradite, grossular, tsavorite, uvarovite) are in color. Grossular garnets wide all garnets, yellow, orange, red, and greens with different colors, showing range. In general, the highest quality garnet gemstones are used in Rajasthan. Some types of garnet abrasive machining and cutting Waterjet excellent applications for use in doing so. Garnet is ground into a powder and mixed with water using cut. Garnets as necklaces, bracelets, rings and other jewelry are suitable for gems.

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