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Jewelry Designs | Jewelry Designs Ideas 2011

jewelry designs beadsJewelry Designs. Many bird jewelry, scarabs, or insects, Egypt, designed the images portrayed a deep religious symbols. Gem carved with images of insects. Beetle, the symbol of rebirth. Eye of Egypt represented a symbol of antique jewelry. Men and women wore jewelry. Money jewelry worn as a matter of social status, but also a security tool, is protected from harm. You can even approach the beauty and ornaments in ancient Egypt, but in relation to wear jewelry was the main reason for religious and security. Egypt and the pharaohs were buried with rich decorations. I also was worn to death. This was accepted because it had to serve them in the Hereafter.

lost due to the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs and wealthy thieves robbed of most of these treasures. The treasures of Tutankhamen tomb was found intact. In those days, a living example of this wealth. Egypt, the jewelry designs using different meanings to color creations. Green became the symbol of fertility. Although most of it many precious stones from Egypt, was brought from other countries.

Use the design work was difficult to work with these stones, glass, strange time in Egypt. Egyptian jewelry and old stone carnelian, malachite, jasper, lapis lazuli, turquoise is included in the quartz. Royalty was represented by the blue color of lapis lazuli. Lapis Lazuli was brought to Afghanistan. and, earrings, necklaces, detailed headpieces, brooches, bracelets buckles have many other pieces of jewelry pieces many were carefully designed. Chest piece called pectorals, complex designs to life with death, they became the second. Design was represented by the gods.

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