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Palladium Wedding Rings | Emerald and Pincess Cut Wedding Rings 2011

wholesale wedding rings-sapphire wedding rings-horseshoe wedding ringsTraditionally, couples who wanted a marriage of true metal band made of a precious metal could only go back to platinum. However, due to the high cost of platinum (currently trading at over $ 1,730 per ounce), some couples may pay dearly for this metal their wedding rings. In fact, only 7% of couples today can afford to buy platinum wedding bands. The alternatives to gold, platinum, or white and titanium, are not really ideal alternatives. This is because the white gold is not a white metal. Gold is naturally yellow in color and must be mixed with a white metal, usually nickel and then coated with another white metal called rhodium to make it white.

The rhodium may wear off, then not only proved under the color yellow, but the possibility of developing an allergic reaction to nickel showed an increase. Titanium is really no alternative to platinum with an effort of imagination. It is a metal of low cost, of any real value. It is a strong metal, but is not as white as platinum. Titanium is often used for casual wear jewelry and not the special touch that you wear on your finger forever.

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