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Pink Diamond Jewelry | Pink Diamond Jewelry Manufacturers | Pink Diamond Jewelry Sale 2011

Pink Diamond Jewelry PictureDiamond producing region deep within the Earth's crust cratons known as. Here, the crystal lattice sufficient to change the level of pressure and temperature to carbon atoms, which are subject to the generation of a huge diamond the hardest natural substance on earth. He was such a pink 'Fancy' Diamonds 'bad' has created a depth that would lead to the creation of other minerals are considered.

Million years after volcanic activity can bring to the surface immediately. Australia's Argyle mine development is a stand-alone 90% of global production has led to many of the existing pink diamond supply. But mine, pink or red color of the total number of gem quality diamonds are produced by one of only 5% less than 1%. This is just the reason is simple, natural beauty as well as add value to their own desires, is a rare pink diamond. In fact, for the world's largest diamonds, Derya-i to, Nur is 185 kt of 66 pink diamonds.

In recent years, science or want to own one of the beautiful diamond these conditions, small great nation of his own to the development of synthetic diamond have been strengthened or we can come to save the multi-color is not . Irradiation and annealing can enhance the natural color of the diamond. Diamonds are low, but treatment is expensive, the two neutrons and electron bombardment of electrons in neutron irradiation, one along the crystal to enhance the color depth and less than the full impact of the crystal surface only affects The first is given.

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