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Scottish Wedding Dresses | Scottish Promise Rings | Scottish Jewelry 2011

medieval wedding dresses-scottish wedding dresses

Origin of the traditional Scottish wedding. Scotland always seems to do things their own way and style and a Scottish wedding is no exception to the rule. In the 21st century, the Scottish wedding is an ancient highland complex modern, streamlined rites mixed with a mixture of tradition. Away from the traditional Scottish wedding day has its origins in the 13th century. Then the medieval Celtic church three consecutive Sundays 'banns' will propagate. Announced an impending wedding, this practice lasted for 600 years the late 20th century until the standard expected for several weeks before the event to a registry office "to give notice of intent" has become.

Medieval wedding traditions in Scotland. This practice was common in ancient times the entire country "big day" in preparation to participate. People cheer on the happy couple to the church on the streets before they took their vows. Pre-reform times, there is evidence that both the Scottish wedding services are often held. In which a priest in the Scottish side to know the language and will lead a ceremony outside the church. While more formal wedding ceremony and the Latin Mass will take place inside. From ancient times to the exchange of rings always has been a prominent feature in Scottish wedding ceremony. A ring has no beginning and no end and as such it is a symbol of love in a marriage. Kiss the bride after the exchange of rings, and often the church body is a cheer.

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