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Tungsten | Tungsten Wedding Rings | Tungsten Wedding Rings For Men 2011

tungsten wedding rings pros and consTungsten jewelry, and a very short history, as this is very difficult to have passed many people still want to know about the good and metal, scratch resistant. Tungsten jewelry is now able to intervene more attention to its customers worldwide. This metal 19 since mid-century to improve the quality of steel was used as an alloying element. The hardness, toughness and strength increase its alloy steel.

Tungsten is a metal very hard and dense. Unlike all other metals with carbon, 6100 ° C. has a very high melting point, titanium and tungsten carbide is almost scratch as four times harder to occur. Gold and platinum jewelry, but as soon as demand for metals such as tungsten was introduced to the market with various alloys, for people who were interested. Tungsten diamond band, tungsten wedding bands, wedding bands, tungsten carbide Tungsten Ceramic Inlay Groups and is now widely accepted.

Tungsten carbide wedding rings are strong and scratch resistant, bright and reflective quality to attract the attention of many people. tungsten carbide wedding ring in a light gray color matches the dress and gives a magnificent view of the person wearing it. carbide, and platinum, tungsten, palladium, sterling silver and gold are hospitalized. Tungsten carbide rings on the ground powder of carbon and other elements. Then the powder mixture is compressed into a ring blank with high pressure dies.

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