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Royal Wedding rings of Prince William and Kate Middleton | Royal Wedding Rings Welsh Gold | Royal Wedding Rings Made 2011

Royal Wedding rings of Prince William and Kate Middleton
We all heard that Prince William's wedding will hold on April 29, 2010 at the historical famous site Westminster Abbey which has a long tradition as venue for royal weddings. Want to get more information about the Prince William and Kate's wedding details? Prince william, kate middleton, westminster abbey, wedding details, engagement ring prince. Prince William Kate Middleton How did you? Kate and William first met in 2001 in St Andrew's University. His life, of course, art at the beginning of university, they had the same date. But Williams geography has changed. For a long time, shared accommodation with your friends. Kate Williams University to encourage fighting for your life.

They were exposed in public, the Swiss ski picture of them. People are always so busy in October with the idea of ​​the production. Wedding Ring, Kate Prince William's mother Princess Diana gave us all a dazzling engagement ring, sapphire ring, I know. Prince Harry chose her to safety before the first death was kept as a souvenir. The first time his son, who reportedly is engaged to want to use. Sapphire is a symbol of the sky, the two Princes, this beautiful ring has a deep emotional connection. Some people thought it was a burden to the public in the past, Prince William and the choice should be a beginning of a new feeling represents. Do you agree?

Royal wedding procession, Perhaps in Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace is not a straight path. It is to deal with large crowds. After the procession to Buckingham Palace down the Mall, make your way to the left, and then passes to the Admiralty in Whitehall Archand. Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament passed after the royal procession will reach Westminster Abbey.

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