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Wedding Rings for Men | Wedding Rings for Men and Women | Wedding Rings for Men with Diamonds 2011

Wedding Rings for Men
Gold, almost pure (22 carat) gold, 18 carat and 14 carat gold men's wedding ring is a popular and traditional choices. 14 carat gold, this figure includes only 58 per gold, though, since usually a higher, more durable than pure gold alloy used. High gold content, the deeper the color of his gold ring. White Gold, White gold, gold alloy and one or two white metal (usually nickel, manganese and palladium), plated with rhodium to improve its whiteness and coated. White gold is similar to platinum, but more affordable. For various metals with gold color variations, pink, green, red and black and gold, are all mixed rose.

Silver, it requires regular cleaning, engagement or wedding ring prone to oxidation, as silver is used for less common. As such, instead of silver jewelry is usually casual clothing is recommended daily for long periods. Less expensive than gold, silver and platinum. Tungsten, Tungsten gray, white metal, the tungsten or tungsten carbide as known. Non-alloy used in industrial applications. Largely the extreme durability of tungsten men's jewelry due to the increasing in popularity as a material. Tungsten polish comes with a natural and requires no ongoing maintenance, but can not be resized or resoldered.

While women tend to have more choice when it comes to rings, you may be surprised to discover that there are also a large variety for men's engagement and wedding ring designs. Men tend to prefer rugged and masculine designs: a simple band, channel set, or pave ring. While men's engagement rings are less common than women's, they are growing in popularity. Rings, jewelry, necklaces, diamond rings, engagement rings, bracelets, wedding rings, diamond earring.

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